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More About the Easy Peezy Lady Funnel

Easy Peezy Important Accessory
Easy Peezy Porta-Potty
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Easy Peezy Cartoon
Easy Peezy Feminine & Discreet
  • WHAT IF YOU NEVER HAD TO SIT ON, OR SQUAT OVER A NASTY TOILET AGAIN? With the Easy Peezy Female Urination Device, we no longer have to sit down or hover over a nasty public bathroom toilet or Porta Potty again! Simply use your convenient and discreet Easy Peezy portable urinal for women and you can pee standing up without getting undressed or having to touch any unsanitary surfaces.

  • MODERN CONFIDENT WOMEN, IT’S TIME TO STRIP YOURSELF OF OLD CUSTOMS– Women's Equality and Empowerment takes on a whole new meaning with this essential camping, backpacking, festival, road trip, boating, skiing, fishing, hunting, farming and hiking accessory. Stand, aim and wee, downwind of course, without having to bear our assets, strip off layers of clothing, or wander off into the woods to squat behind a bush.

  • EASY TO USE AND LEAK PROOF- It’s so easy to use! Women and Girls of all ages master the art of standing to pee in no time at all. The flexible but sturdy silicone female pee funnel fits snugly against our bodies to make a reliable spill and leak-proof seal. The long spout keeps our clothes, socks, and shoes dry.

  • SANITARY AND EASY TO CLEAN – Made from Safe FDA Approved Medical Grade Silicone which means its safe to use and easy to prevent odors. After use, shake the women pee funnel off, rinse in the sink, and pat dry. When your journey ends throw the urination device into the washing machine or simply wash with soap and water and let air dry. 

  • CARRYING CASE, CARABINER, AND INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED- Store your stand to pee device in its stylish water-resistant go-bag carrying case equipped with a drawstring so you can securely open and close it easily or clip it onto your backpack, or favorite bag. She can Fold it up and compresses into the discreet, leak-free pouch for easy storage in your purse, backpack, and pocket or car glove box.


Easy Peezy Hiking
Easy Peezy Road Trip Approved
Easy Peezy Empowered, Confident & Free
Easy Peezy Adventurous Woman
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